>>On 02/17/2011 03:00 AM, Suntot wrote:
>>> Well, I am new at this. Not even sure if what I am attempting is
>>> possible. I am trying to change a specific color in an image. If I
>>> use 'color selection' the edges don't change color. So I am trying
>>> to use color to alpha... But, when I select by color, it seems to
>>> select all similar color in the area, thus when I add a new layer
>>> it does the change the color I wanted to change, but it also
>>> changes the rest of the image with a similar color tone. What can I
>>> do to precisely select a specific color or portion of an image with
>>> color to alpha?
>>Color-to-alpha only applies to the selection, so you can restrict its
>>effects by doing a selection first. For instance to remove a
>> background,
>>use the wand to get a rough selection of the background, grow the
>>selection by  a couple of pixels so that it includes the edges of the
>>foreground, and perform color-to-alpha.
> I tried doing a selection but since both colors are similar it selects
> all. Changed selection thresholds and it still doesn't work. Here is
> what I am trying to change:
> http://www.weddingclipart.com/wca/edittemplate.do?template=218069
> I am trying to change the colors of the scrolls on the wedding
> invitation. The dark blue into a red, the lighter into a black. Yet I
> can't seem to get it to work flawlessly. Please help. thanks

Use Colors->Threshold. You can then make an image like 

Then do what you want with it. Just note that the scrolls are mirrors
and reflection of one basic element, so you should be able to
reconstruct easily


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