>I intend to create a huge collage (22000 x 24000 pixels = 4.6 GB file 
>size). Working on the image becomes impracticably slow.

>Is there a way to do the whole collage in small (10% of the size / 
>resolution), arrange layers, masks etc. in the small version until it 
>fits, and then convert it to the full size version? I guess that would 
>mean first changing the image resolution, and then have GIMP 
>automatically re-import all pictures (layers) in original size. It 
>should keep all layer properties and just recalculate all layers with 
>the higher resolution using the original picture size.

>If there is a way to do this? Or another way to get the same result?


I would say Inkscape. It has presets A0,A1 which are poster sizes

Using Inkscape 0.48, PCLOS2010 KDE, an old 3 GHz Pentium 4  with 2 GB ram

For the sake of an experiment I made a 24000 x 18000 page.

Quick test, a patterned background + importing 5 bitmap images ( as links not 

Export to png (no jpg alternative), you have to be careful with the dpi setting 
or the image will be truly enormous.
So 100 dpi gave an image 26667 x 20000 pix (guessing the original was screen 
Export took some time to render but the cpu was never maxed and ended up with a 
215 MB png file. The svg for saving was 41KB - (hence the linked bitmaps)

Problem now, I can't view the png image, I've come across this before making 
big mosaics, tried to open in evince, CPU max's, memory max's, swap partition 
heading for max, as the png unpacks. Killed it before it locked the machine. 
Still have the svg for viewing/editing and presumably a printing company will 
handle big bitmap files.

rich (via gimpusers.com)
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