Cool as GIMP is, you may want to consider something a little more
scientifically robust for your purposes. Consider Khoros/Cantata.  
I think their URL is www.kchoral.com. It is a powerful tool for
prototyping, but I can't say that I use it a lot anymore
(I suffer from the 'code-it-yourself' syndrome).

Khoros/Cantata will provide you with the histograms, thresholding, and
probablyh even XY projections that you could use for image
registration. And, it provides a visual environment in which to plug
all the pieces together and evaluate the results.


>   I'm interested in using The Gimp for processing astronomy photos taken
>   with a CCD camera. Basically this involves taking a series faint images,
>   aligning them (the object of interest will have moved slightly from
>   image to image) and then combining them to enhance the detail of the
>   faint object.
>   If anyone has any suggestions on how to do this, scripts or tutorials
>   that may help, please let me know.
>   Thanks
>   Bob Stafford

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