maybe we should waste more bandwidth by complaining about 
stupid responses instead of doing something about it.  this list is 
here so those of us who know more about stuff than others can 
help.  this is what this open-source community is all about, not 
bashing some guy becuase he asked a "stupid-question."  
remember, there are no stupid questions.  if you feel the need to be 
o-so-witty, why not take it off the list and save all of us from the 
jealosy caused by your superior knowledge of gimp and your great 
wit in harrasing those who are more inexperienced.  remember if 
we turn one person off, that person talks, and they talk.  
i think i speak for many of those on the list when i say that there is 
NO stupid question.  not everybody knows where to look, so we 
could tell them, or at worst ignore them.  remember we all crawled 
                lt grant

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> On Sun, 14 Nov 1999, Amy Abascal wrote:
> >     yes.
> Boy these mailing lists are great.  This is what I call an
> action packed flow of useful information!
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