On Tue, 2 Nov 1999, Stephan Dragehjerte wrote:

> On Sun, 14 Nov 1999, Amy Abascal wrote:
> >     yes.
> Boy these mailing lists are great.  This is what I call an
> action packed flow of useful information!

Ok, I'm sorry.  I'll admit, I was just being a smart-arse.  Afterall, the
poster only asked if it were possible.

Ok, here's how to do it... There's more than one way.

1.  First find your fonts directory.  On my system, that's
/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts but this can vary.  If you are not root on your
box (or if you just feel like being different) you can also create a fonts
directory somewhere that you have rwx access.

2.  Put your fonts in that directory.

3.  You need a utility called type1inst .  You can get a copy at
http://metalab.unc.edu/pub/Linux/X11/xutils/ among other places.

4.  Unpack type1inst and run it in your fonts directory.  (It's a perl
script so just unpack it into the fonts dir and ./type1inst).  This will
go through and find all the post script fonts that you've added to your
fonts dir.

5.  startx.

6.  Pull up a term window and type 
        $ xset +fp /path/to/your/fonts
        $ xset fp rehash

7.  Open gimp and see if your fonts are there.

8.  If it all worked, put the two lines from step six at the end of your
.xinitrc file so you don't have to type them every time you restart X.

Good luck!

--Amy Abascal

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