Hi Koot,

Gimp does not let us convert to CMYK.  I don't remember the details
specifically, but this has to do with the patent for the color
algorhythms.  The only time I ever boot VMWare to use Photoshop anymore is
when I need to work with CMYK colors.  I just load my finished Gimp images
and convert the color.  This is the only use I have for a Windows
environment at all.

It's an irritating limitation of Gimp but not one I bump into often.

Good Luck!

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On Sun, 5 Dec 1999, Koot wrote:

> Hi everyone
> I need to work with CMYK colors, the Gimp Manual does not go into to much detail on 
>how to convert an RGB created image into an CMYK.
> I need to convert the image to CMYK for the "printers" to print it out for me (they 
>did show me how to do it with Corel Draw, but I am sticking with
> Gimp :-))
> All suggestions and pointers will be appreciated.
> Thanks

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