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> What is the best way to remove a person from a digital photo(jpeg)?  I
> want to extract the person (and nothing else) from the jpeg photo and
> paste the person onto another jpeg image.

You'll need to use one of the selection tools to select the person and
then cut or copy them to the clipboard. (and paste into the new image)

Different users have different ways of selecting things.  I prefer using
the Bezier tool.

There is a good tutorial at Tigert's site:

Beyond that practice, practice, practice.  It shouldn't take very long to
get good at selecting things.

After I graduated college when I applied for a job as a commercial
photographer I was asked to use photoshop's bezier tool to select a shoe
from an image.  The guy who was interviewing me timed me with a stopwatch.

I got the job and we used beziers to select everything we photographed.
(commercial product photography for catalogs)  Beziers were a way of life.

Good luck and enjoy!
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