Ian Boreham wrote:
> At 23:11 13/12/99 -0500, MCS <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >What is the best way to remove a person from a digital photo(jpeg)?  I
> >want to extract the person (and nothing else) from the jpeg photo and
> >paste the person onto another jpeg image.
> In the past when I used Photoshop, I often found the Magic Wand tool
> (select contiguous regions) to be very good for this sort of thing, as long
> as the background was not too complex. I would select the background and
> then invert the selection.
> As far as I remember, it provided an anti-aliased selection, which allowed
> insertion into new pictures to look more natural (under some circumstances).
> However, I have some questions about this for people knowledgeable about
> both Gimp and Photoshop:
> . Can I explicitly set the tolerance of the select contiguous regions tool?
> There appears to be such an ability in the bucket fill tool.
> . In Photoshop, I did a lot of flipping back-and-forth between the
> selection and the mask, particularly in this sort of situation. Is there a
> similar ability in Gimp? I'm sure it could be done somehow with the layers
> dialogue, but I haven't read enough documentation yet.
> . I seem to remember reading somewhere that someone has written about
> converting (oneself, not files) from Photoshop to Gimp. Would anyone know
> where I can find such a document?

Get the GUM - gimp user manual. It's great for those more tricky aspects
of the GIMP and also has a section under "gimp installation" about "gimp
for Photoshop users", including info about migration.
A downloadable version in PDF format is available from
(It's two files)


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