At 10:43 15/12/99 +0000, Peter Haworth wrote:
>Ian Boreham wrote:
>> . Can I explicitly set the tolerance of the select contiguous regions tool?
>> There appears to be such an ability in the bucket fill tool.
>When using the tool, hold the button down after clicking, and drag left and
>right. This is the same as setting the threshold in the tool options, but I'd
>never done that until a few seconds ago.

Thanks. I came across this last night in the GUM online, which also (I
think) answered my question about selections and masks (using channels to
save selections). It is not quite as straightforward as clicking on the
Selection/Mask toggle button, but is more general and flexible. And I guess
I could always simulate the Photoshop behaviour when I get around to
writing some scripts, if I still cared enough...


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