On Don, 20 Jan 2000 wrote the famous Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero:
>>in chapter 38 of the "Gimp User Manual" I found an example for how to do a
>>Script-fu. For the beginning I copied the example-script to
>>/root/.gimp-1.1/scripts/ , made "refresh" and tried to find it in the DB
>>Browser. But there was nothing. I copied it also to
>>/usr/local/share/gimp/scripts/, with the same result.
>Have you checked the source of the script? Maybe it is wrongly typed or is
>not compatible with Gimp 1.1.
>>What am I doing wrong. 
>>The "Gimp User Manual" relates to Gimp1.0.4. I run Gimp 1.1.15.
>Maybe that is the problem. I would try to copy a script that works to
>$HOME/.gimpdir/scripts/ (and remove it from original place, well, better
>rename it, so you do not lose it) and then see if it appears or not.
>Also check that your config knows where to search. But I doubt that is the
>problem, cos if you place them with files that load but it does not... btw,
>is the file readable?

And if your gimp is running while you move files, try to reload the scripts ;-)

And like Guilllermo stated
    "Thou must not run as root!"


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