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>Hi all,
>I would like to create a RGB  image, as a layered collage of monochrome
>patches (cut out from other images) each of  which will have a different hue
>(i.e. one patch is black/green, another is black/mild-pink, etc.).
>Q). What is the best way to change the hue of a patch of 'grey-scale' to a
>specific setting?
>I can select 'image-color-hue/saturation', but this doesn't seem to work
>with a 'grey-scale' patch in a RGB image.

Perhaps I have misunderstood you, but hue/saturation does sound like what
you want to do.

. Select the portion you want to change.

. Go to the popup menu image > colors > hue/saturation

. Pump up the saturation first (grey means the image is unsaturated - none
of the hue is leaking in, so it doesn't matter what hue you select). If you
have the preview switched on, you should be able to see some colour appear.

. Adjust the hue, and then fine-tune.

I suspect the only bit you missed was the saturation. I apologise if you
actually did this already and the problem lies elsewhere.

Good luck.



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