Dear Jon, and colleges (if that's the right word for members of  list...)

Thanks you for your suggestions, I'll have a play later tonight. Though I
have to read up about 'Guides' and 'Alpha to Selection'.

As well as Jon's suggestion, Ian Boreham pointed out that Greyscale is
totally un-saturated, and therefore Hue does not affect it.

So I can do this:
        1). Cut and paste greyscale.
        2). Adjust curves on 'patch' and remove blue & green content (change
to black/red). This makes it fully saturated.
        3). Adjust Hue with 'Image-Colours-Hue/Saturation'.
        4). Merge Layers down when happy.

It doesn't give the ability to set an arbitrary Hue, but I'm sure I can get
what I want by trial and error with the +/- bit. (I guess I can measure the
Hue later with the 'Color Picker').

Thanks to all for the help,
Simon Wood

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