Hi all,
I'm new to Gimp, yes I have read the manual....but I'm having difficulty
getting my head around the following problem.

I would like to create a RGB  image, as a layered collage of monochrome
patches (cut out from other images) each of  which will have a different hue
(i.e. one patch is black/green, another is black/mild-pink, etc.).

Q). What is the best way to change the hue of a patch of 'grey-scale' to a
specific setting?

I can select 'image-color-hue/saturation', but this doesn't seem to work
with a 'grey-scale' patch in a RGB image.

The only way I've found if to use two layers for each 'patch', the top with
the grey-scale image set to 'multiply', and another of sold colour (of the
desired hue) with the same bounds (shape) as the top.

The main problems with this are:
        * it requires twice as many layers to compose the image.
        * it is difficult to keep track of the bounds of each patch (when
scaling etc.).
        * the 'layer-pairs' interact with each other until their elements
are merged together.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions,
Simon Wood

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