I am an absolute newbie to GIMP. I have installed it on two different
systems about one month ago and I have a question for each of them.

1) The first installation is at my office, in a Sun Solaris 2.5.1
environment. The problem is that I can't make GIMP work with jpg
images. I found somewhere that I had to download, compile and install
a "jpegsrc.v6b.tar.gz", which I did. First I performed a standard
installation, making the jpeg executables visible to GIMP by linking
them from the "lib/gimp/1.0/plug-ins" directory, then I tried with
gimptool, using the "--install-admin-bin" option. In both cases at the
GIMP startup a lot of messages come out, apparently referring to the
fact that those jpeg executables (cjpeg, djpeg, etc) are line commands
expecting some parameters. What do I have to do instead in order to
activate the jpeg image handling?

2) The other installation is at home, on my homemade PC running a
mixed Windoze/Linux environment. In particular, Linux is presently
started using loadlin from within the Lose98 environment. GIMP has a
tendency at giving a "segmentation fault" error even while running
fairly simple tasks, like generating a banner based on the string
"IZ2DAJ" using a 200 pixels high font. My PC is rather low on RAM,
32MB only, the swap space is 128MB, the Linux disk is 6GB and the
processor is a 300MHz K6. The X11 environment is KDE. I suspect that
calling Linux by means of loadlin actually leaves the M$ environment
in the background instead of dropping it completely, so that the
really available memory resources are much less than with a LILO boot.
Any comments?




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