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> I am an absolute newbie to GIMP. I have installed it on two different
> systems about one month ago and I have a question for each of them.
. My PC is rather low on RAM,
> 32MB only, the swap space is 128MB, the Linux disk is 6GB and the
> processor is a 300MHz K6. The X11 environment is KDE. I suspect that
> calling Linux by means of loadlin actually leaves the M$ environment
> in the background instead of dropping it completely, so that the
> really available memory resources are much less than with a LILO boot.
> Any comments?

        I have had to adjust as well to low RAM  capacity as well.
Suggestions I had from a knowledgeable source were.

1) Shut down any apps or servers or whatever you are not using at the
time, for example if you are not `online' don't run `httpd' at the same
time as you use a RAM hog (lovable hog admittedly) like the GIMP.

2) Research yourself out a window manager that is also less of a resource
hog. KDE and Gnome are both resource `intense' FVWM2 OR AfterStep or
something use less by way of RAM but require more hands on configuring.

3) I understand as well that one has to be careful not to have too large a
swap space compared to your actual RAM, as it can end up slowing thigs

        Any mistakes are mine and not my knowledgeable source :^)

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