Lars Burgstahler wrote:
> Hi Guido,

Hi Lars,

thanks for your reply!

> to your second question: Which version of GIMP did you install? The
> one that came with SuSE 6.3 is very unstable. It sounds like you have
> this one.

Got it! Congratulations!  :-)

> Trying to make a banner (sounds like Xtension) will definitely lead
> to a crash.

Yes, apparently...  :-(

Well, apart from the fact that I don't know what Xtension is...

So, it's not Lose98's fault, this time? Surprising...  ;-)

> Try to get the latest version (1.1.18?). I have this one installed at
> home and it works fine.

All right, I'll try that but it sounds like my next telephone bill
will be rather high...

> The equipment of your PC is o.k., but 64MB of RAM would be better.

I can only agree about that: not having done it before is just a
matter of money!  :-(


P.S.: anyone for my other question?  :-)


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