On Mon, Apr 03, 2000 at 02:11:41PM -0400, Mike Markowski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> PS I notice a handfull of plugins whose makefiles aren't created properly:
>       plug-ins/perl/Gimp/Makefile
>       plug-ins/perl/Net/Makefile
>       plug-ins/perl/UI/Makefile
>       plug-ins/perl/po/Makefile
>       plug-ins/perl/Makefile
>    They always require hand editing to change 'cc' to 'gcc' even though
>    configure picks up 'gcc' correctly.

That's actually according to design. Your perl was compiled using
"cc". Using something else might render the whole gimp unusable (it
certainly does so in hp-ux). The problem is that gimp-perl is loaded by
your _perl_ interpreter, and must be link-compatible to it, not to the
gimp (actually, it's not that clear, but linking to shared objects is
generally easier than dynamically loading objects).

> Probably no big deal on linux, but it is on solaris when the Sun
>    compiler is also installed.

Then your only chance is praying that gcc is "compatible enough" (it might
be on solaris), or use --disable-perl.

The right solution, of course, would be ot not compile your perl with suns
compiler in the first place: You won't be able to install ANY perl module
if cc isn't available later.

> Anyway, don't know if this is really the right list to mention that.

It is!

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