Hello list.
I have got a problem, that havn't changed throug the different versions
I have had (1.0.4 - 1.1.23).
Sometimes when I opens a picture that are larger than the screen - say
1000*1000 on my 1024*768 screen - the picture is shown in actual size,
so that a part of it lies outsides the screen, and I have to drag from
top, to minimize the frame, and then 'lift' it upwards so I can se the
'bottom'. How can I tell the Gimp, that my screen is only 1024*768
pixels great. First time in use after install/compile, I gave it all
needed informations. In preferences I have checked 'Monitor/Get Monitor
Resolution/From X-server'.
The same happens, when I want to choose a printer - the new 'print
v3.1.4' - has so many printers 'avaible' that the list continues outside
my screen - and it is not possible to move the list. My printer (Epson
Stylus Photo) lies as number 12 outsides - I get there by counting
strokes on the down-arrow. Is it some way possible to shorten the list -
say all Canon printers in my case?
Help is greatly apreciated
Mogens Jęger

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