Ok, I just don't get it, I am still struggling with the basics of ScriptFu.

Please look into the attached script, all I am trying to do is this:

Create a box, transparent
Select all
Round selection

This works perfectly simple and easy manually, but I cannot convince ScriptFu of that. 
Neither script-fu-selection-round nor perl-fu-round-sel give me the results that I get 
by hand.  Very strange, if I produce a box with the script below and round the 
selection manually it works perfectly!!??

*argl*  Help Please!!!

Moreover: I still have not found a proper ScriptFu guide, the couple of pages in the 
GimpUserGuide are totally unsufficient, once you've read them.  Is there a proper 
Language-Definition-Guide out there?

many thanks in advance


(define (script-fu-text-test inHeight inWidth )
   (theImage (car (gimp-image-new inWidth inHeight RGB)))
   (theLayer (car (gimp-layer-new theImage inWidth inHeight RGBA_IMAGE "Layer 1" 100 
  (gimp-image-add-layer theImage theLayer -1)
  (gimp-selection-all theImage)
  (gimp-edit-clear theLayer)
  (gimp-image-set-active-layer theImage theLayer)

  ; neither this ...
  (script-fu-selection-round 0 theImage theLayer "1.0")
  ; ...nor this works
  ;(perl-fu-round-sel 1 theImage theLayer 1)

  (gimp-display-new theImage)
  (gimp-image-clean-all theImage)

  "create a box with a round selection (to create a nice button)"
  "Thomas Stolt"  
  "copyright 2000, Thomas Stolt"  
  "5th of July 2000"  
  ""  ;Image type that the script works on
  SF-VALUE "Height:" "31"  ;Button Height
  SF-VALUE "Width:" "100"  ;Button Width
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