well i am such a geek that I have multiple computers.
I have 1 mon 1 key and 1 mouse.
When i switch back and forth between x servers 
gpm gets all confused about the pointer 
(I suspect you are seeing a side effect of that same problem.

My solution...
ctrl-alt-f7  (don't move the mouse for a sec)

the first one takes you to a tty terminal
the second one takes you back into x and for some
reason gpm seems to be less confused then ..
that works for me.

On Sun, Jul 09, 2000 at 10:00:48AM +0200, Peter Daum wrote:
> Hi,
> I currently have a Wacom Intuos tablet in addition to a PS/2
> mouse connected to my machine (Linux 2.2.15, XFree86 3.3.6, Gtk
> 1.2.8, Gimp 1.1.24).
> Normally, they live in peaceful coexistence - I can
> alternatively use the mouse or the tablet to move the X pointer.
> As soon as I start Gimp, the mouse becomes unusable. After that,
> the only possibility to revitalize the mouse is to start the X
> server again. The exact configuration for the tablet doesn't seem
> to have any influence - I tried several variations without any
> change.
> Is anybody experiencing similar problems? Is this a general
> issue, or am I just doing something wrong? While I love the
> tablet for use with gimp, for other purposes I still prefer the
> regular mouse ...
> Regards,
>                Peter

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