> Also, I have had a look at your tutorial. Its great !! One problem though,
> and that is I was unable to download the file gap-static.xcf.bz2. I got an
> error message saying "Document Not Found". I am wondering if you could send
> me this xcf file ? It would help with working through your tutorial.

Sorry for that. I have fixed it now, so you can grab it from the original

> One other question -- do you happen to know if it is possible to create a 
> colour transition using GAP ? For example, is it possible to create
> animation with a block of text that is black in the first frame, and
> gradually changes colour, until it is red in the last frame ?

Create an image with red text. Create and image with black text with exact the
same parameters. Use the red text image as a base, so duplicate frames on that
one. Use the black text as the source image. set 100% opacity for the first
frame and 0% for the last one. There you go!


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