> Can I take this one step further ? If we use this technique, then it is not
> possible for the object to undergo a colour transition AND change size
> within the same animation, is it ? Or maybe we need to use a different
> technique again ?

Create the color fade first and then make "frames to image". This way you'll
end up having a multi-layer-image/animation. You can then use this image as a
source in another animation. You can then scale, fade and rotate the animation
to create another one. You can ping-pong loop the color fade by setting the
appropriate "stepmode".

I'll try to make a real-life example of using GAP in the future to make sure
eveyone is aware of how powerfull GAP really is.

> Also, I think your website looks fantastic and I am wondering what tools you 
> used (apart from the GIMP of course) to set up your site ? 

For GFX it's GIMP only. I have started making the site in Photoshop3 and
FrontPage (shame on me ;). I ended up with GIMP and vim. On the server side, I
couldn't manage without the dynamic duo (MySQL/PHP).

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