Hi Jakub,

You are right when you say that GAP is a really powerful plug-in. I have now
worked through your "advanced animation" tutorial, and now have a better
understanding of how GAP works -- although I still have a lot to learn.

If I understand correctly, your instruction (below) to simultaneously fade
between colors and change size is the same as what I would need to do to
complete the animation in your tutorial. In other words, you have to use the
multi-layer image animation from the first use of MovePath as source when
creating the second animation (?)

Please be patient with me....I am learning GAP (maybe I'll be able to write
a tutorial one day) but I am still getting stuck at this point. When I go to
select the Source image at the top of the MovePath dialog - it gives me the
choice to select any of the individual frames of the multi-layer image
animation - but not the entire animated image. So I am still confused as how
to synchronize each frame of the new animation with the corresponding frames
from the first animation ?

Also, a separate question about GAP - I have noticed that when you run the
"anim preview" button, a static image pops up as well as the playable
animation. Do you know what is the use of this static image ?

Thanks again for all of your help, its been very helpful.


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> Can I take this one step further ? If we use this technique, then it is
> possible for the object to undergo a colour transition AND change size
> within the same animation, is it ? Or maybe we need to use a different
> technique again ?

Create the color fade first and then make "frames to image". This way you'll
end up having a multi-layer-image/animation. You can then use this image as
source in another animation. You can then scale, fade and rotate the
to create another one. You can ping-pong loop the color fade by setting the
appropriate "stepmode".

I'll try to make a real-life example of using GAP in the future to make sure
eveyone is aware of how powerfull GAP really is.

> Also, I think your website looks fantastic and I am wondering what tools
> used (apart from the GIMP of course) to set up your site ?

For GFX it's GIMP only. I have started making the site in Photoshop3 and
FrontPage (shame on me ;). I ended up with GIMP and vim. On the server side,
couldn't manage without the dynamic duo (MySQL/PHP).

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