When I get into these kinds of problems, it sometimes helps to
step back and take a systematic approach at fixing things.  If
the current gtk is getting in the way, get rid of it, and make
it from scratch.  First, uninstall the rpms (you don't seem to
be having trouble with glib, so I would let that be).  Perhaps
rpms aren't the answer (since you're interchanging redhat with
mandrake rpms), so I suggest compiling gtk from source.  First
make _sure_ all the other gtk stuff is gone by looking in your
/usr filesystem for any gtk-like names ('locate gtk' or if you
are mascochistic, 'find / -name gtk'), and get rid of them.  I
don't see why you can't just delete these files, but it may be
wise to move them somewhere temporary just in case.  I suggest
querying the rpms and seeing what files they put where so that
you have a better chance to get them all.  Once your system is
clean, compile gtk (following the same basic steps as for gimp
perhaps specifying --prefix=/usr to ./configure if you want to
put the libraries in /usr/lib instead of /usr/local/lib, but I
suggest the default).  Do a 'make install', and gimp should be
all set to compile...hopefully.
Good Luck!
-James Smaby

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