Hi Kate

In case you are considering bying a UMAX scanner be aware, that their SCSI
card is not supported by linux but instead you would have to get another
SCSI adapter like adaptec. Besides that, UMAX scanners are great.


>I'm new to both linux and the gimp - and will be picking up a scanner
>shortly. I've got SuSE 6.2 - a stripped down version that came with the
>SuSE for Dummies book, which had Gimp 1.1.7 with it.
>(Please don't tell me to upgrade - I'm not confident enough yet to install
>a new version, and except for some script-fu bugs, it's working pretty
>Anyhow, any suggestions out there for a scanner? There are several listed
>in the book, but I thought I'd see what suggestions might come my way, as
>it's a bit outdated.
>I don't need anything particularly elaborate - my work will consist of
>scanning a few photos and rough sketches.

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