[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2000-08-16 at 0903.19 -0400):
> (Please don't tell me to upgrade - I'm not confident enough yet to install
> a new version, and except for some script-fu bugs, it's working pretty
> well.)

Upgrade! ;] You can, with the Helix RPMs.

> Anyhow, any suggestions out there for a scanner? There are several listed
> in the book, but I thought I'd see what suggestions might come my way, as
> it's a bit outdated.

Visit the SANE and related pages, they have the list of supported
scanners. I would also check for pages about calibration, so you do no
buy one when a same price better one exists. HP looked fine last time
I checked, 6xxx IIRC. For example http://www.mostang.com/sane/ and

The best, IMO, SCSI, less problems in general. For them you will need
"count up to 16" (SCSI ID) and "begin, middle, end" (terminator)
Sesame Street episodes. They must be really rare episodes, cos nobody
seem to understand SCSI. ;P

Other option is USB, but you will have to fight kernel, possibly. The
worst idea is parallel, too slow, too many problems.


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