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> I'm new to both linux and the gimp - and will be picking up a scanner
> shortly. I've got SuSE 6.2 - a stripped down version that came with the
> SuSE for Dummies book, which had Gimp 1.1.7 with it. 
> Anyhow, any suggestions out there for a scanner? There are several listed
> in the book, but I thought I'd see what suggestions might come my way, as
> it's a bit outdated.
I will support suggestion by Alan about getting an HP SCSI scanner.
They are very well supported under linux: sane (free) and xvscan
(commercial). In July issue of Linux Journal there was a review of
that program.

I have two scanners: EPSON FS200 (Slides and negatives) and HP Scanjet 4p
both SCSI. I will suggest going for SCSI.

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