Kate wrote:

> Any suggestions out there for a moderately priced digital camera that is
> linux friendly? I'm using SuSE 6.2
> Does it matter? I've never used one before, nor seen one used.
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> Kate      http://www.katewerk.com

i'm using the sony dsc-f505v. well. not cheap but great. ;-))
-makes excellent macro and tele pictures. (integrated 10x digital zoom)
-with 64mb-card (expensive) you can store a LOT of pictures in the cam.
-records movies (320x200) up to 15seconds
-comes with extern powersupply + accu charger
-uses USB and is only supported by linux 2.4.x so you might want to use
other cams that dont require you to compile a new kernel.
-expensive. i bought it for 2300 DM + 300DM for the 64MB stick. thats about


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