Hi all.

Once tried it, the more advanced user will quickly realise the quality
improvement associated with resolutions of ~200 dpi instead of the more
regularly used 72 dpi...

One will also quickly realise that this is h*ll on a low-memory machine...

I've heard some exciting rumours, about gimp to some extent being able to
support reduced loading of huge images into memory, so that one can still
work on these without too much effort...

For example, often I'd like to work on a at least 1500x1000 image at my
P133...with some layers...this is unthinkable...

However, working zoomed-out, I should be able to bare it, rendering
zoomed-in portions on demand...

Someone told me that if I zoom in at a small portion of an image, the rest
of the maybe huge image shouldn't at that moment be loaded into
memory...is this true for gimp?

Can anyone tell me of the inner of gimp, if any features exist to improve
the performance on low-end computers with large images? Can anyone tell me
if there are any plans at all to try to implement a "Hey, won't you go
render this 2x2 m poster 100dpi for me and dump it to a jpg while I
sleep?" in gimp? That'd really be awesome...


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