I'm new to the list and also new to GIMP.  I'm a long-time Photoshop user
and visual designer, so I can maneuver around a tool like GIMP/Photoshop
pretty well; lots of UI similarities.

However, I'm having trouble with paths in GIMP.

I run 1.0.4 on Redhat Linux on my laptop, and also on my Solaris box at
work.  Both boxes run Gnome, of course.  

On my laptop, when I choose  the Layers, Channels... menu item, I get the
tabbed inspector that has only two tabs: Layers and Channels.  Isn't there
supposed to be a paths tab?

On my Solaris box, when I do the same thing, I see the paths tab there,
but when I try  "paths to selection", I get an error that says something
like: paths to selection failed.  

Very unhelpful.

Also, I'm used to working fast in Photoshop with keyboard shortcuts...
does GIMP have that functionality?  



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