Hi all,

Assume 3600 seconds per hour, and 1000 images.  The average time per image could not 
exceed 3.6
seconds per hour available.

The sheer quantity of images could require a creative solution.  I think GIMP could do 
it, but
that would depend on being able to use a single GIMP session for the entire lot.  Marc 
seems to
think you can, but I'd look to ImageMagick first, since it claims to be suitable for 
dynamic web


Learning to program GIMP or ImageMagick is not going to be a five minute task.  Since 
turning text into images, it would be worth asking yourself if you must have images.  
containing loads of graphics are slow... very slow.

The LZW compression algorithm used for many GIFs is patented, I believe that GIMP has 
to use a
different algorithm to create images - otherwise it would be liable for royalties.  


Jonathan Paton

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