Hi all,

> > Jonny:
> > Assume 3600 seconds per hour, and 1000 images.  The
> > average time per image could not exceed 3.6 seconds
> > per hour available.
> Tamas:
> If you assume, that gimp run in only one task... it
> can help to reduce time and memory usage. (more than
> one task in one time, but with shared memory.  If i'm
> not wrong)

The magical phrase is "average time per image".  If you process 5 images concurrently 
in 5 minutes
then the average time is 1 minute per image.  Multi-tasking doesn't boost the CPU's 
which in this case will spend most of its time processing images.

The point I was making regards the rate at which images must be processed, which might 
the most suitable software.

Jonathan Paton

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