Jim Clark wrote:

> I am seeking an image I can use freely on our company Intranet. I have
> scoured my CDs and the web for over an hour so far, but have been unable
> to find a good image of a red English phone box with no people in it.
> If someone has such an image, and could send it to me, or point me to
> where I can find it, I'd be very grateful.

I knew where one was so I drove by on my lunch break and shot it:

Nothing fancy, just a bunch of pix of a red phone booth.  I apologize
for the sky being all blown out.  I should have shot some with
fill-flash and a different exposure in hopes of getting blue sky. 

You'll need to  use Gimp to sharpen, scale, and crop things down to web
size.  I didn't know your output size so I shot big.  Better to have too
much image to work with than too little.

Feel free to use 'em if you see something you like.  I only ask that you
give me proper credit as the photographer. 

Thanks and enjoy!
Jon Winters  http://www.obscurasite.com/jon/

   "Everybody Loves The GIMP!"

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