On Tue, 31 Oct 2000, pixel fairy wrote:

> the development version, which is stable enough for production and
> definately worth the effort to install.

Thanks to you and everyone else who has confirmed that.
> if your using redhat 6.2 youll need to upgrade a few libs to try it, the
> easiest way is just to get helix gnome, http://www.helixcode.com which
> includes gimp 1.1.2x (whatever the current devel release is) and all the
> libs and stuff you need to run it (which is *alot* of libs and stuff)

Now you tell me! :-)

After getting the gimp tar ball, the gimp-data tar ball, I found I needed
a new version gtk+ lib,  Also an updated perl-GTK distribution.  (I'm
living without mpegs at the moment or the Perl/Scheme stuff.)  I've also
had to persuade rpm to behave, as if I am installing the tradition way,
but installing over things managed by RPM, I should be careful.

That in the sequence

(1) ./configure --with-prefix=/usr

(2) make

(3) su

(4) make install

Step 2 is running now.  However, I've just noticed that I must have done
something wrong with the prefix, as it wants to put things in /usr/local

Oh, well time to actually read the README and INSTALL.

Cheers, and apologies for the jeremiad.


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