> Imagine you've a photo of a crowd. You want to show up just a face on this
> photo. So, you create a semi-opaque channel. Then, you select the face
> (channel is seleted), perhaps feather it and then you cut it. Result: the
> crowd is in "darkness" and the face you've selected is in normal light,
> because there's a hole in the channel. It is this effect i can't save.

You are simply using the wrong tools to achieve your goal. Channels are
meant to represent selections and allow to use the paint tools on 
selections. What you see on the screen if you activate a channel is only
a visual representation of the selection mask and its appearance depends
on the properties you have choosen for the channel (color and opacity).
There's no obvious way to apply this visual hint to the image. You can 
achieve a comparable result if you copy the channel to a selection, create 
a new layer, fill the layer with the color you have choosen for the channel
and set it to the opacity you used for the channel. But you should really 
think about using a layer mask instead.

Salut, Sven

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