No hablo espan~ol. :) Please try to post in English so the rest of
us can follow along. I studied Spanish in university but I'm way too
rusty to have made much sense out of your messages. Thanks. Muchos gracias.

I wrote to Event Tech support a while back and they mentioned their plans
are to get Direct Sound drivers for the GINA ready, and then work on real
time effects. Of course they aren't giving any dates as to when those drivers
will be done. There was mention from the company that produced Gigasampler
that Event cards were on the list to be supported with their product in the
coming months. We'll have to keep our hopes up.

I wish we could convince Event that some of us out here would like to make
use of the DSP mips that the Motorola DSP on the GINA can deliver. It's a
66MIPS DSP apparently. Might be useful for realtime effects, for sure. I'll
write to Event again and ask them to be put in touch with a driver developer
via email, if they'll do that maybe there's hope for us users of operating
systems other than Windows too. :)




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