So some of you out there have been voicing concerns about real time effects
using gina.  I myself just bought a gina but have not gotten it to integrate
into my system correctly..a WHOLE other can of worms.  But anyway, is all of
this to say that with the current drivers, real time effects processing like
reverb, delay etc. can not be relied on in a live performance scenario?  Or
are the problems strictly for Win98?

  It seems a little strange that the gina is sitting on a 66MIPS DSP and 
allowing it to lie dormant instead of helping with the effects workload.  Is 
this card targeted at the recording industry alone or are there composers who 
have acheived any satisfying results live?   
  I'm hoping that someone can reply and insure me that this is not only an
offline studio card; but if this is the case, I will feel compelled to return 
my investment as performance is one of my main applications.


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