>seems like once you install the original event driver, you are stuck with it
>haunting your system all the time.  i don't think you can gaurantee a 3.0.5
>installation, without (gulp) wiping your hd and reinstalling the op sys and
>subsequently everything else.
>when i reinstalled my op sys and all else, it was when the 3.0.5 driver came
>out.  I have not one single Gina console problem.
>-john pemble

        Thats not totally true :) You dont need to reinstall '95, you just have
to delete a couple of files. In C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\ Delete echo*.* and

        Just to be sure in C:\WINDOWS\INF\OTHER\ Delete Echo CorporationECHOGALS.INF
Also in Control Panel/System/Devices select Gina by Echo under Audio,
reboot and now you will have a fresh install like the first time (remove the
original CD with 2.0.5 and if you want place the 3.0.5 drivers on a floppy
disk because is the first place windows search for a new driver :) Now my
GINA is working PERFECTLY!!! (the 3 seconds playback was in fact an
IRQ issue :)

        I've tried to swith IRQs from withing windows with no success, for some
reason GINA was trying to get into IRQ 11, I have an AWE32 so the best
solution I've found is get both cards off the case just like if I had
bought the
PC today, then reboot, put the AWE and let '95 find it, the drivers get
automatically since you doesnt deleted anything, turn off the machine, put the
GINA, reboot again,and voila! win95 finds the audio device and asks for
drivers :)

        It tooks IRQ 9 with absolutely no problem :) Seems like my motherboard likes
to reserve IRQ11 for USB even if is disabled from BIOS :)

        Anyway I just want to say that I'M HAPPY with my GINA! I can hear/record
my AWE32 MIDI instruments MUCH clear thru S/PDIF with a cable that I've
home-made with the unused Turbo Switch cable that comes with my case :)

        The CONSOLE is a big improvement over the 2.05c drivers, the TRIM
feature its just incredible, I let a friend of mine play like mad on the
with the TRIM on, then turn off the TRIM and the volume is set to the max
volumen on the keyboard without clipping :)

        I also recorded quiet sounds, like the ones produced by a 1 month old baby
when is NOT crying :) and its PERFECT... no noise at all! :) Wavelab shows
me a -90.3db, thats a really awesome noise floor compared with the -43db on
my AWE argh! :) Now I have an almost perfect combo, the AWE acts as a
8Mb cheap sampler with clean audio thru S/PDIF and GINA records everything
coming from the real world AND from S/PDIF at the same time if you want...
thats GREAT! :)

        Only thing I really want to see now is native support for DSP/FX or DX
or both! :)))

SodA - Gustavo Ruiz

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