I have a problem with the operation of my new Gina and I'm wondering if any
of you more experienced users can assist;
I have installed it using the latest 3.08 drivers .When I playback a .wav
file from within CoolEdit, Saw Plus or CPA the PC locks up
What is happenning is that it will play the file for anything between 2 secs
or even much longer, but at some point it will freeze the entire system.
It doesnt make any difference which outputs I play from.
I dont seem to have this problem in record mode.

Both programmes have been correctly set up for its usage, it is playing from
all of the analogue outs, the Sp/Dif I/O I have not yet had any success
with, infact using the digi out has caused a couple of blue screen fatal

It is using Interrupt 12, which is available, there are no apparent system
conflicts, the Echo Reporter is happy with the system.
Thinking there may be a problem with driver 3.08 I deleted it and installed
the original driver from the Gina CD - same result.
There are no other sound cards on the PC, only a Voyetra midi card.
Prior to Gina installation I was using a Tahiti and Adb MultiWav Pro in this
system with absolutely no problems at all.
When I remove the Gina driver I have no problems at all with my apps so it
seems that
Gina is causing the lock-up.
I would appreciate any possible solutions you can come up with to solve this

Many thanks,
Trish Bailey
PC System
Intel 233MMX
64 meg ram
Win 95

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