Timothy Roven wrote:

> i then unplugged the phones and ran two cables out of the nanocompressor
> into the 1/2 inputs of gina. my y-connector and phones i put into the 3/4
> output of the gina and selected via the gina console to monitor the
> compressed output (now the 1/2 inputs). the sound was totally different, it
> had this nasty tinny brasso quality to it. i figured i'd make sure my levels
> were set ok but they were fine all around. i even lowered them. then i
> checked the sound coming out of the compressor again with the phones and
> found it was fine.

Well, Timothy, the only thing that I can think of is that you might have had
the SP/DIF clock set on, instead of the 'Internal' clock. I sometimes do this
when I'm recording my Soundblaster Live! and forget to turn it off. It adds a
metalic buzz/click that sounds a little like it went through a distortion
pedal. If it's not that, let me know.


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