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>Oh Natasha, take your hankies with you if you're intending to see it!! 
>Yep, Mr Llewellyn-Davies is out of the picture before the action 
>begins, and yep, the costumes are fab, though some of the sets aren't
how I'd've imagined them.
>Kensington Gardens looks very nice, though, and the boys are sweet. But

>I repeat, for anyone who has yet to join the Anti-Sobbists, be prepared

>for lots of snivelling.

It's gorgeous.  And though the facts are all wrong and the time-scheme
compressed, I think it gets at something true about Barrie's love for
the family, something usually gloated over as pedophilia in a horribly
cynical way.  Something that is actually love.  For me it was one of
those films where I cried in the happy bits - when the orphans arrived
at the theatre, for instance.  My children liked it too.  

Diane Purkiss

Me: Agree with every word! In spite of knowing what really did happen
and over a much longer period, it really captured what I thought was the
spirit of events. Johnny Depp's Scots accent was beautifully sustained,
and little Peter was brilliant. 

Pat H

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