No worries, my TW backups are in an entirely differnt directory structure 
from my writing—that would be a mess.

Git may not be an appropriate tool, I guess that’s what I’m trying to 
discover. I go through an unholy number of drafts—it can be a hassle 
tracking down that one phrase that didn’t make an earlier cut but is now 
perfect for the current revision.

There are fits and starts and regressions and spurts of inspiration followed 
by doubt. I need something to keep me from being burried under a mountain of 
drafts—while keeping them available, that gives me the courage to move 
forward, and affords me not to be in a constant state of panic of loosing 
that that perfect phrase.

I’m currently working on three different branches of a single poem. I know 
something’s there, but the narritive mode is freaking me out—I may have 
stumble on a tense heretofore unknown in English :) Digging through the 
drafts and picking out the three I want to work on at any given time is a 

So far git is proving valuable, but I won’t know until I complete a full 
project with it.

Oh, that’s right. I bookmarked that book the other day and haven’t got back 
to it, I’m glad you reminded me.

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