You definitely do not want a commit every time you save your file. Just 
commit when you reach a milestone, etc.

Good deal. I'm still experimenting with that. Some of my projects a single 
line, or word, change is a major milestone. But it looks like I'll be 
manually committing to git and relying on TextWranglers autobackup on save 
feature for smaller changes. There seems to be a fine line there somewhere, 
and a huge gap between my vision and ability—but it's getting smaller

Also, have you looked into using a online document hosting service like 
GoogleDocs. I presume you need to use advanced editing features that are 
available part of Word or some other thick client tool.

Does GoogleDocs handle git repositories? Or are you suggesting an 
alternative to using git?

No, I don't use or need word-processors. I have a raw text workflow. I 
mainly use TextWrangler and vim; writing in MultiMarkdown or other 
lightweight markup languages. For rendered text I run it through Mmd or 
Pandoc. I'm growing more accustomed to LaTex and hope to use it more in the 

Once I have my workflow down I'm going to install git on my webhosting 
service or seek out a semi-privite hosted repository. I would like to allow 
people to browse my changes or not to alter content.

All Best,


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