I assume, that the clone url follows the structure of your repository, so 
it is something like http://MyRepoAddress/a/b/MyDir, right?

It looks to me like that git-svn clone should work.

Could you try cloning a little a toy project of mine like this?

git svn clone -r11 --stdlayout --preserve-empty-dirs 

It works on my Window image, but it is really slow, took like a minute.

My git/svn versions:

C:\temp\peekr>git svn --version
git-svn version 1.7.10.msysgit.1 (svn 1.4.6)

Do you have any possibility of doing your initial git-svn clone on a Linux 
machine? I believe there are some low-level operations in git-svn that run 
really slow on Windows.

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