Your assumption is correct.
I supplied the clone command with the path to the MyDir directory within the 

I'll be able to try cloning your project when I get home, but it won't be from 
the same machine, so I'm guessing it wouldn't be of any help.
I'm afraid the systems I was referring to (the one running the Git commands as 
well as the one hosting the SVN repository) are not connected to the internet 
(and connecting them is not an option).

I'm afraid I can only try to run commands you suggest and report the outcome, 
as far as trial & error goes.
I do have access to the SVN repositories, though.

I could try installing Linux on one of the systems we have, but is the 
difference really so great that it would reduce actions that take ~8 hours on 
Windows to manageable durations (should be seconds for viewing the status of 
files, and no more than a few minutes for commits)?

I'd like to note again that if I don't specify a specific revision, it works 
(besides the problem of subsequent actions taking too long); this makes me 
believe that the problem lies with the revision selection.

One of the answers I've found online suggested that there might be a problem if 
the revision I am attempting to fetch is not a revision of that specific 
directory. For that reason I added and deleted a dummy file in the MyDir 
directory, in order to advance its revision to become the head revision.
Yet the problem persists.

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