On Mon, Jan 06, 2014 at 01:29:30AM -0800, Steven Masfaraud wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a problem using Git for windows behind a proxy...
> I am a PhD student working for a company. I am trying to share the code I 
> am developing between the computer of the company (windows, behind an http 
> proxy) and a server of my lab (linux)
> I have initialized a empty bare repository on the lab's server, and I am 
> now trying to clone it on the pc of my company, behind the proxy. I have 
> configured git to pass this proxy: git config -l shows:
> http.proxy=http://usernameproxy:passwdpr...@companyproxy.com:80 
> git clone ssh://usern...@labserver.fr:2333/Path/Repositery/ LocalFolder/ 
> answers:
> ssh: labserver.fr: no address associated with name
> With the same kind of configuration on putty I can access the lab's server 
> without any problem.
> Any Ideas?

It seems to me you have configured an HTTP proxy and then try to clone
via SSH.  This is unlikely to work well.

I suspect you need to configure git to use your correctly configured
putty.  However, I have very little experience of using git on Windows
so I can't really help you any more than this.


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