> From: Steven Masfaraud <stevenmasfar...@gmail.com>

> git clone ssh://usern...@labserver.fr:2333/Path/Repositery/ LocalFolder/ 
> answers:
> ssh: labserver.fr: no address associated with name

There may be other problems, but what this message shows (if I'm
right) is that the host name "labserver.fr" doesn't have any addresses
associated with it in DNS.  So Git starts SSH and SSH tries to connect
to "labserver.fr", but it can't figure out what the network address is
for labserver.fr.

The first thing to check is that you got the name right.

The next thing is to see what DNS records your system can see for the
name.  If I have it right, this is the Linux system, so you can do:

$ dig any labserver.fr

and see what the results are.  Can you use labserver.fr in other
commands you execute from that system?


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