On Mon, Jan 6, 2014 at 1:32 PM, Steven Masfaraud
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> Le lundi 6 janvier 2014 11:23:28 UTC+1, Magnus Therning a écrit :
>> It seems to me you have configured an HTTP proxy and then try to clone
>> via SSH.  This is unlikely to work well.
>> I suspect you need to configure git to use your correctly configured
>> putty.  However, I have very little experience of using git on Windows
>> so I can't really help you any more than this.
> Maybe my message was ambiguous, I only used putty to find out if it was a
> proxy configuration problem, not to use it inside git for windows.
> Git for windows provides a bash with some tools. In this bash I tried ping
> google.com , it replies that Ping can't fing google.com host.
> I think the problem is not only with SSH, but for how Git for windows reachs
> the network.

I suspect I was a bit ambiguous too.  You can't say anything about an
HTTP proxy configuration by using putty, putty is an SSH (and telnet)
client and thus doesn't use HTTP.  You also can't say anything about
the HTTP proxy configuration by using ping, it doesn't use HTTP

When you clone using the command you wrote earlier ('git clone
ssh://...') you are cloning using SSH, which is why I suggested you
configure git to use putty (which you say you have working already).
I've never had to use this kind of configuration myself but this guide
seems to include instructions on using git with putty:

IIRC the bash that comes with git for windows (technically it's an
msys installation) comes with an SSH client (OpenSSH), but it can be a
bit tricky to configure which is why lots of people suggest using
putty instead.


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