Le jeudi 9 janvier 2014 03:11:51 UTC+1, Dale Worley a écrit :
> > From: Steven Masfaraud <stevenm...@gmail.com <javascript:>> 
> > git clone ssh://usern...@labserver.fr:2333/Path/Repositery/LocalFolder/ 
> > answers: 
> > ssh: labserver.fr: no address associated with name 
> There may be other problems, but what this message shows (if I'm 
> right) is that the host name "labserver.fr" doesn't have any addresses 
> associated with it in DNS.  So Git starts SSH and SSH tries to connect 
> to "labserver.fr", but it can't figure out what the network address is 
> for labserver.fr. 
> The first thing to check is that you got the name right. 
> The next thing is to see what DNS records your system can see for the 
> name.  If I have it right, this is the Linux system, so you can do: 
> $ dig any labserver.fr 
> and see what the results are.  Can you use labserver.fr in other 
> commands you execute from that system? 
Unfortunately, the git bash on windows does not include dig. As the DNS 
lookup is suspect, I have replaced the hostname of the server by it's IP 
It seems to work, even if I get another error:
ssh: connect to host  ***.***.**.** port 2333: Bad File number.
I have done a lot of research about this new error on the internet, without 
any solutions in this case...

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