I think you might be looking for:

git show REVISION:path/to/file

An example use would be:
git show HEAD^:public/index.php

That would get the revision before HEAD of public/index.php. HEAD^ can be 
swapped out for HEAD~{number}, replacing {number} with how many revisions 
back you want to go or the SHA string associated with a particular commit.

Hope that's what you're looking for.

On Sunday, 11 October 2015 19:50:01 UTC+1, Kenoli Oleari wrote:
> I've installed GIT, can do all the actions to commit a file but, somehow, 
> cannot figure out how to actually see a previous version of my file.
> I've tried some commands related to history that return things to me that 
> I can't make any sense out of.
> I've bought several books on this, all of which go into great detail about 
> branches and collisions and remotes and more, but nothing about actually 
> looking at a previous version of a file.
> I even went to a workshop at a conference and couldn't understand enough 
> to ask question about seeing a previous file version in a way that the 
> speaker understood what I was talking about.
> Can someone help me with this?  I'm obviously out in the ozone.
> I'm anxious to make use of this tool everyone is raving about.
> Perplexed...
> --Kenoli

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